Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
What Are The Features Of Mesh Glass?

You’ve probably heard of Mesh glass, but what are its features? These articles will shed light on the various benefits of mesh glass, including its fire resistance and shatterproof properties. But what about its aesthetic value? Is it an anti-theft material? Or a decorative material? These questions will be answered in the following paragraphs. In the meantime, enjoy reading and learning more about this product.

Mesh glass is shatterproof:

For safety purposes, the use of mesh glass is an excellent choice. It offers superior protection against breakage from large objects and reduces the transmission of visible light by at least 25%. The mesh also blocks air flow and smoke diffusion, so there’s no risk of a fire spreading. Mesh glass can be customized to fit specific applications. For example, it’s suitable for preventing a fire from spreading in a commercial building.

It is fire resistant:

Fire-resistant glass has been specially designed to withstand flame and smoke in enclosed spaces. Its properties make it perfect for exit corridors and stairways. Fire-resistant glass products are composed of multiple layers of glass, a conductive interlayer, and an intumescent layer. They are also optically clear, allowing maximum light transmission, up to 89%. This makes them perfect for high-impact safety-rated areas.

It is anti-theft:

Wired glass is anti-theft. It is strong and resistant to shock impact, which can be caused by bullets. Its hazy appearance is due to the wire mesh inlays that are embedded in the glass. This material prevents most UV rays and prevents accelerated fading of furniture. Furthermore, it has fire resistance and can prevent burglary. Its wired glass fibers and magnesium sheets have excellent anti-theft performance.

It is durable:

A unique combination of the rigidity and transparency of glass with the added strength of mesh is called AIS Mesh-Laminated Glass. Mesh glass is an ideal choice for encapsulating heavy coatings and mineral plaster. The large opening allows for a good bond between the reinforcement and insulation. The thickness of the glass is important in ensuring the desired strength and quantity of coating. A standard 50 square meter roll contains approximately 150 grams of Mesh.

It is flexible:

Mesh glass is an innovative type of flexible coating that combines glass with metal to offer the best of both worlds. The flexible glass fibers do not expand or contract when heated, so the dimensions of the coated material remain stable over the entire temperature range. The metallic weft wires enhance lateral stability. They are also strong enough to support the weight of the glass substrate. Moreover, mesh glass can be produced in any desired shape and thickness.

By Alexis